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 I was born and raised in Hatch. I grew up here. I taught elementary school here for 15 years. Hatch is my home. My husband operated several businesses in the area including a tour company, motel, restaurants, and retail stores. He thouroughly enjoyned sharing the scenic wonders which surround our home. The Parks have been our second home for many years. We love the outdoors. We enjoy hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing, ATV riding, horseback riding, star gazing and so much more. Several of our children have developed hobbies of photographing the natural wonders of the ares. My husband and I built our dream home with our family in mind. We have 8 children and 3 grandchildren. We truly expected this to be our final home, but an opportunity in Alaska has taken us away. We are very pleased to offer our home to you. 

The property where our vacation rental sits has been in my family for generations. My ancestors were some of the original settlers in Hatch. I grew up in Hatch exploring the mountains, and swiming in the river. My parents still live in Hatch as do several of my siblings. My husbands family settled in Wayne County, home of Capital Reef National Park. We both love the rural setting and the freedoms of the outdoors. We are honored to have been blessed to be allowed to build our dream home on a piece of property that is sentimental and special to us.